MSNVA Marymount Medical Business & Management Program

September 11, 2013 at 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM, Wednesdays through November 13, 2013


Marymount University Reston Center

1861 Wiehle Avenue
Reston, Virginia 20190


Update: August 26, 2013

The Medical Business and Management Program has been postponed until January 2014.




MSNVA and Marymount University have partnered to provide a Medical Business & Management Program for MSNVA members. 


This is a non-academic program that will consist of multiple three-hour sessions.  Students will receive a certificate of completion issued by Marymount University.


This 10-Week program will cover the following class sessions:


How did we get here? Where does my practice go now? - Professor Donald Lavanty, JD
(2 sessions) - 
A history of the major issues that affect the cost, quality and access to health care for your patients and what the future will bring.

How will National and State Policy affect my practice? - Professor Donald Lavanty, JD
(2 sessions)
 - Case reviews of major health care issues to include policy, planning and operations that will affect the independent physician. PPACA, ACO HIT, PCMH, MU I, II & III - making sense of this alphabet soup.

Living with the law: Legal benefits and challenges for your practice - Professor Donald Lavanty, JD
(1 session)
 - A review of medical-legal aspects of health care to include malpractice, insurance law and provider liability.

Show me the money: Reimbursement models for your practice
(2 sessions)
 - A review of insurance, HMOs and managed care to include contemporary private and public reimbursement and payment modalities, share savings models following implementation of PPACA.

Why is my ROI not high(er)? - Professor Charles Miller
(1 session) - A discussion of financial planning that supports your practice's strategic plan, balancing cost, quality and access. Learn about your payor-mix - can you afford to deliver charity care?

Your image is everything!
(1 session) - 
Examines the unique challenges your practice faces when marketing products and services from planning to execution. Topics include how service affects patient perception and measuring patient satisfaction.

Can't spell human resources without "u"! - Dr. Virginia Bianco-Mathis
(1 session) - Examines the practical implications of human resource functions have on all elements of your practice.


Enrollment cost is $1,500, includes lecture materials.


To begin this new cohort, we need to recruit 15 students, please contact Jessica Torgerson at 703.934.8818 for more information